Spend The Day In The Carmel: Beautiful Views And A Walk On The Beach

July 12, 2021
2 mins read

The Carmel area has so much to offer. It’s not to far from Tel Aviv and in the area of Haifa in the north of Israel. We visited there once already in our last post when we traveled to Nahal Me’arot. This one is a little different though.

We started our day pretty late since we planned to see the sunset at the beach. As a start we stopped at a store and bought some food for lunch. It was a very late one but we had no other option. It was a day before the weekend and the area was less traveled which was to our advantage – everything was pretty empty.

Our first stop was a forrest not far from the beach. We drove up a hill to get to the picnic area. slowly driving the curves and gaining some height. At some point we saw many picnic benches and after realising we were way to hungry we decided to stop there. But this was not the end and we still had a journey to enjoying our food because a flea of bees wanted our food even more apparently.

After dodging most of them in some quick movements and finding a further picnic table we were able to finally have our lunch at almost dinner time. Our bellies were finally happy!

Then we started our way up to the view point. At the top of that road there was a wood keepers towers and in front of it a balcony watching the see and all of the Carmel area. It wasn’t a long climb and in no time we could see the tower. The tower itself is not open for the public and it’s purpose is to enable fire fighters and wood keepers to search for fires when needed.

The view from the balcony

The balcony on the other hand was very accessible and you could also find some sitting options to further enjoy the view. Many field lands were seen from there, banana groves and the road right underneath us. In front of us the beautiful sea that we planned on visiting right after. The sun has started to get an angle and we knew we had to hurry back down.

After getting back into the car, we drove to the beach. the beach is called Dor-Habonim beach and you need to pay to get to it’s official parking. You could also park outside and walk more. Because of the time we preferred to park as close as we could and pay the fee.

There are a few options inside, go to the beach itself in where there’s a life guard and tan and relax or go left to the walking trail. After turning left we could already see the sun slowly making it’s way down but also many shells beneath our feet. We walked a bit further and more people were bathing in the shallow waters and a small plain was flying alarmingly close above us.

This beach is known for it’s many bays and creeks and you could see them all along the trail. It gave the beach a wild look and added much more to it’s uniqueness and beauty.

The ship wrack

Those bays are also a reason for many ships through out the years to try and dock here but because of the structure of the area and the small islands around, many failed and their wrecks could be found above and under the sea.

We were able to spot a ship wreck not far from the beach, it’s head peeping out while the waves crushed on it. Right there the sun was already setting and we had to go back.

Dor beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel and has many beautiful view points. The trail itself was much longer but we didn’t have enough time and there’s also a floral trail if you’re there on spring time.

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